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"The videos are awesome and I have learned in minutes what no one could teach me in decades. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to speak a lot more clearly and with confidence. These lessons are probably the best...."
HQ, Business Analyst, Toronto, ON
"For the first time in ten years somebody has been able to give some rules and principles and I am now [using] them in my day to day speech."
FG, Actor, Montreal, QC
"If your first language is not English and you must choose to have only one app on your mobile this is it! This app takes the learning experience to a whole different level. Having your English coach at hand, anytime you need it, is invaluable. I highly recommend it!"
LB, Lawyer, Montreal, QC
"It was a true pleasure working with you in such a friendly and yet highly professional environment. I would definitely recommend this program to anybody who appreciates or needs good language skills."
PM, Armenian mother tongue

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