FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a refund or return policy for products or services?​2016-11-22T12:27:56-07:00

To check out our refund policy, please go to our Terms & Conditions page. Also, feel free to Contact us prior to purchase. Thank you.

Should Trainers / Teachers Use Train Yourself Methodology™?​2016-10-19T13:25:41-07:00


Trainers should direct Trainees to follow explicitly the instructions and techniques in video three of Set Two, Tools & Techniques, and video twelve of Set Two, the Top Two Techniques. They can expect to see more positive results in their Trainees and a contribution to an overall holism in their program when this particular methodology is 100% accurately applied. The videos walk the Trainees through every step along with demonstrations.

Is Train Yourself Methodology™ for Self Trainers Only?​2017-04-11T09:20:04-07:00
Accent Pro® Train Yourself Methodology™ is for every Trainee / student – whether they’re training themselves or working with a live Trainer / teacher.
The methodology as set out in the videos (particularly Set Two) makes it possible for anyone to train themselves more efficiently.

Make it happen! Don’t train yourself without it.
NOT An English Language Teaching Company2017-04-11T09:20:58-07:00

Although we can teach the language, Accent Pro® is far more than that – it is an accent, acculturation and communication training and coaching company. Need more info on how we’re different? Read this entire FAQ page and check our our About page. Still want to learn more? By all means, let us know.

Certificate of Completion2014-01-22T21:03:42-07:00

Evidence your ambition and commitment to your communication success. Certificate provided upon completion of most Program Packages.

So Many Options2016-11-22T12:35:50-07:00

Tiered learning via:

VIDEO Training by the in-depth Online Course, Mobile Apps, and DVD Package.

Live One-On-One Training by In Person or By Wed (Distance)

Accent Pro™ Trainer Manual and Trainee Work Book (upcoming)

Instructor-Led Program Packages to meet your needs.
ABCD Process™2014-01-22T21:02:13-07:00

Don’t waste time on what you already know! Focus solely on Peak Problems that we can provide (often taken from the Accent Assessment results). Create more success in your everyday speech. Want to learn more about this process? Watch the Full Video or its Preview. (The ABCD Process is in the latter half of the video.)

Personalized & Contextualized2014-01-22T21:01:50-07:00

Our live training is insistently relevant ​to YOU – whether you’re in one-on-one or group training. Our live training will never force you to follow an exact progam of someone else.

Language & Communication Holism​​2016-10-19T13:25:42-07:00

​This is your holistic language and image makeover in accent, pronunciation, acculturation, communication, public speaking, presentations, speeches, grammar, writing. Whatever your need is, and whatever the renovations, however small or great – we’re here to help, to make your live training as whole and connected as much as reasonably possible in the allotted program duration.

Speak With Meaning FIRST2014-01-22T20:57:20-07:00

We work on getting you to speak and read aloud with passion and meaning first. Then we work on finer details such as pronunciation. Increase your confidence, volume and presence while naturally slowing your pace. 

Train Yourself Methodology™ Uniqueness2016-10-19T13:25:42-07:00

Not every thing is picky, but when done exactly as outlined, Train Yourself Methodology™ allows you to train yourself successfully, accurately and independently from any other Trainer. This essential for any Trainee – whether working with a live trainer or by self training. More on Train Yourself Methodology™ is explained below and in our Blog.