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A step-by-step flagship training system: Essentials for North American English accent, pronunciation, and cultural connection

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Hi, I’m Camilla Smith, your trainer and coach inside the video training system. I'm also the Founder of Accent Pro Institute Inc.

I understand frustration with sounding fluent because I’ve been learning 4 languages. Sounding fluent is challenging. Yet, I’ve I mastered special tools and techniques to train myself to be culturally on level and clear, that native speakers can think I’m fluent!

Since 2007 I’ve helped 1000’s of individuals and Fortune 100 companies, Canada’s Top 100 and National Regional Top Employers. Today I'm giving you my entire process on how to sound like a native English speaker. This process is the foundation of my business and the same step-by-step method my clients and I use to get clear, confident, and culturally on level. Join me in the course!

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Here's a snapshot of the rich, intensive, Train Yourself Methodology™ program. Click the orange button to see the entire training curriculum.

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Definitely worth it!

This course is simply the key to all the secrets about sounding fluent and great! Sincerely thanks to this course I improved a lot and I'm still constantly improving too. This course is great because in one hand it teaches me how to teach Myself and on the other hand, it explains rules and grammars simply.

- Alexis Desloges (real client)


Awesome online course

There is no comparison on the market for high-quality language courses like this one. I used it to improve clarity of speech. I have a heavy French accent.

Practical, well-researched, and useful.

- Simon Chassé (real client)


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